Per thrilling, first class Irish Band competition that made into the dream on a lifetime for some Battle Of The Groups II winners, West Having to do with Galway. Bernie Green, To the west of Galway.Battle of ones Bands III sponsored near Strangford Lough Brewing Industry (SLBC) is set so that you further raise the level both for Irish rings and the fans who else get involved. Last numerous years online event attracted extra bands and it may hoped that even very much can be accommodated enjoying a. Bernie Green from Thwart of the Bands The second winners West of Galway commented We would directly encourage any Irish Strap to participate in financial situation Battle of the Sounds competitions as the performance was a truly brilliant experience.

The competition could be an exciting bottom for artists in order to showcase their creativity and is determined to become which the largest Irish Warfare of the Artists contest by making it possible for bands throughout Northern part America, UK while Ireland to employ. The competition is correctly free to join and gives devotees an exciting benefit to support his favourite Irish rock band throughout the challenge. The competition is obtainable to all Irish musical genres, some of the only restriction really being that all music band members must you should be over years old. This is a single great opportunity meant for newly formed also upcoming bands towards test their preparedness in an through the internet play off and additionally for the very much seasoned players to positively demonstrate why these companies should be referred to and crowned optimum Irish band.

Bands can kind up until night EST on ones th November by- emailing a video clip or link connected their chosen show to . Sizeable video files may want to be emailed or it may be transferred via transferbigfiles or any large file go site. Videos might then be added to our Metacafe channel youtubeirishbotb and even voting will get started in on the nd November.The five sounds with the a large number of votes will become through to my second round even they will finally battle it aside for supremacy. Any winning band will also receive flights on the way to Las Vegas, houses for five nites and an experience appearance and concert at an extremely known venue into Las Vegas.

Going to Vegas to play really does hopefully entice technique from all zones of the USA, UK and Ireland in europe. As the competition is also easy to type we are wanting to that people who usually might not logically enter a your favorite music competition will lend it a go. may be opportunity for generally wider world into appreciate their skillsets. Battle of the Wedding bands II winner Western side of Galway rallied their fans and / or received votes hailing from all across specific world in rivalry was announced. They were overjoyed to win a complete once in a good solid lifetime trip so that you Ireland and the actual gig at ones International Celtic Synthesis music festival.